Long Term Care

Do your financial or retirement plans include protection against long term care expense?
They should! If you are like most people, you have insured your health, your car, your life and your home. You have probably worked very hard to accumulate assets for your retirement years. But...What if you needed long term care? Long-term care is a risk that can impact all of your carefully thought out plans.

Long-Term Care Insurance provides funds to help you cover long-term care costs in the same manner Health Insurance provides financial coverage for doctor's visits and hospital bills. However, Health Insurance would likely provide coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, and maybe even some prescription medicines, on a short term basis.

Health Insurance was not designed to provide long-term care for someone who has suffered permanent injury. Or for someone who developed Alzheimer's. Or for someone who simply became frail as natural result of the aging process and as a result suffers a long-term inability to care for one's self.

This is where Long-Term Care Insurance comes in. Long-Term Care Insurance has been designed to pick up and provide coverage where Health Insurance leaves off. So in the case where the individual's condition has progressed to the point where he or she requires constant supervision or assistance carrying out basic activities of daily living (like bathing, eating, toileting, dressing and moving about),

Long-Term Care Insurance also helps the insured maintain their independence and freedom of choice over how and where their care services are provided. Long-Term Care Insurance can allow you to protect your assets and ensure that your long-term care needs will not create a physical or financial burden on your family.