Final Expense Life Insurance

Protect what’s important to you economically with a plan that is customized for your life.

Final expense care by Contempo Financial uniquely covers your loved ones in every facet from planning, complete handling of the funeral home and of course, leaving no debt for this duty passed on to the ones you love most. < Let that be your final gift and legacy. 


The most contemporary, comprehensive and affordable final expense solutions for the aging population.


Contempo Financial Services specializes in products that protect individuals on a fixed income with affordable final expense solutions, growing families and management and protection of higher net worth individuals.



Final Expense, Medicare Supplements, Revocable Living Trusts and Annuity Products
Serving your family in Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida!

Offering 26 Carriers in 48 States – Trusted A+ Final Expense & Burial Insurance Companies. Not a senior? We service young families also, including wealth management.

These carriers have the best plans offering unmatched value in terms of price and/or underwriting.


Covid-19 Update. We keep you healthy while you are protecting your family during a quick no-hassle phone qualification and quote.

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