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Seniors who want the peace of mind provided by final expense insurance should call us today to find out if Contempo Financial Life Insurance is the best solution for covering final expenses and not leaving this burden to surviving loved ones.

Want to save $7-$10,000 on your funeral expenses beyond your insurance? This quick audio will give the detail. Our Chairman shares how our effort accomplishes this savings.

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If your customer profits, YOU PROFIT. 

(This is what sets our dream team apart from standard insurers. We handle the whole funeral home process for you. We negotiate today’s pricing at a frozen discount, take care of all the paperwork, let you choose hardware at your leisure and no waste of money on pre-planning from your pocket.)



Final Expense Insurance

Contempo Financial takes final expense life insurance for seniors very seriously. And as such, the company provides multiple policy types to make certain that every eligible applicant has the opportunity to secure valuable life insurance protection on a fixed income.


Fixed Income? This is Why You Should Have Final Expense Insurance?


Final Expense (also known as Burial Insurance)
Final Expense Insurance is one of the greatest gifts you can provide for your loved ones. Providing your family with the money needed to cover your final expenses is something that simply makes sense.
Too many Americans find themselves without adequate financial resources. Sadly, most of them aren’t even aware that a life insurance policy can cover these expensive obligations.

How final expense insurance can help:

  • Immediate cash benefits
  • Benefits paid directly to your beneficiary
  • Your rates can never be increased
  • No medical exam
  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Accelerated benefits
  • Cash and loan value
  • Paid-up insurance
  • Spare your loved ones from the financial burden of final expenses.